Sunday, February 12, 2012

The 54th Grammy Awards

Wow!! Where should I even start??? So far so good! I must say, I never really like watching the Grammy's because some of the performances get boring. But this has just been amazing from the very start! Having one of the worlds cutes men in world hosting the show was a great idea.Yes ladies I am talking about the sexy LL Cool J! LL Cool J showed up wearing a black velvet Giorgio Armani double-breasted evening jacket with grosgrain lapels along with classic evening pants. But most importantly rocking his signature black dressy Kangol hat.
As I watched the all of the celebrities arrive at the awards I must say that one of my top looks of the night has to be the beautiful Miss Katy Perry!! She looked stunning in the Elie Saab sparkly blue gown as she walked the Red Carpet!! Katy Perry was looking very elegant and classy like a Princess at Buckingham Palace.
Another amazing performer that worked the Red Carpet was Rihanna! WOW....she is what every girl wants to look like and every guys dream girl at lease look wise. Rihanna was wearing a black silk caddy custom Giorgio Armani gown and beautiful Jimmy Choo gold clutch. She had a lot of low cuts in all the right place showing off her amazing figure. Her face was looking stunning very elegant but natural focusing on her beautiful eyes.
This celebrity that I am showing now definitely took a risk this year at the Grammy Awards. But I must say she got away with it and what saved her was the color! The great and talented Fergie wore an orange sheer Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture gown. The gown was beautiful but not a gown that just anyone could pull off! She looked really nice in Orange and her hair pulled back showed her amazing face features.
I truly love Julianne Hough she is an amazing dancer and a great up coming actress. She just got her big brake in the remake of the movie Footloose. But sadly I must say I did not like her look for The 54th Grammy Awards. Julianne a wore a beautiful Kaufman Franco dress but I feel the dress did not do her justice at all. Personally I feel the dress took away from her figure didn't really give her a shape and the line in her hair not a good idea at all. Her hair was to flat to her face needed more volume in the back.
Taylor Swift! Oh boy this is another one! Taylor Swift wore a stunning nude silk mermaid gown by Zuhair Murad. This dress was absolutly amazing but I feel Taylor is always staying on the safe side with these colors that she chooses to wear. It's time for a change! I feel she wears things that are WAY to simular  for most of her events. I like the idea that her hair was pulled back but I didn't like the way it looked this particular dress. It could have been a more elegant pulled back hair style.

Well Loves I hope you all enjoyed my small summary and opinion on the Red Carpet at The 54th Grammy Awards. Please feel free to leave any comments and opinions on my thoughts of this amazing event! I will be back expressing my opinion and thoughts on the rest of the show!
Till next time: MarieLuz<3<3<3