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Sundays episode of Nuestra Belleza Latina...What did you think?

OMG can you believe everything that has been going on this season of Nuestra Belleza Latina. I sure can!! It makes me supper excited because it gives me something to talk about!
                            Hello again my loves and welcome to my blog MarieLuz!
       Today's topic is based on Sundays episode of Nuestra Belleza Latina as I write this I have a smile on my face because I personally enjoy when the competition gets more and more competitive for the girls. We no longer have twelve girls competing for the crown but eight girls left in this competition.And I must say these eight girls are one of the best left yet!

The eight girls that we have left are: Vanessa, Karol, Setareh, Fanny, Ivanna, Chanty, Nataliz and Shalimar.

                                 On last night episode the girls challenge was to pretend to be News reporters reporting a dangerous situation in which people were shooting at them.Those who were shooting at them where the eliminated ones Tatiana, Ligia and Elizabeth.

 The girls had to make their way through the situation and out to safety but still being attentive and giving a report of what they were experiencing.

On the pictures below you can see what the set looked like for the girls during their challenge.In one of the pictures we have the beautiful    Alejandra Espinoza standing by.
Most of the girls didn't do a great job many were to focus on the camera person and telling them "come come follow me" that they failed at the challenge. It was one of the nights in which we have seen some of the lowest scores ever this season. But not all the girls did a bad good Nataliz and Chanty did a great job. Especially Chanty she definitely went out of the box during her report and made us think she was in an action film! She was the one with the highs score of the night when it came to the challenge.

Check out the scene of the girls last night in action:

                                                                                        Now last night the girls with the lowest phone rates were Chanty, Karol, and Fanny.
Chanty was saved because of her amazing performance during the challenge that night and Fanny was also saved because she had enough points to keep her in the competition.

But unfortunately Karol had a total score of 4 from the Judges which brought her down to the bottom two. Honestly I don't understand how this happened Karol is not only a beautiful girl but she represents herself very well no matter what situation she is in. She expresses herself perfectly in Spanish and also did an amazing job in the challenge the week before which should had gotten her those points to be safe this Sunday that just passed. For the fact that Fanny and Chanty were safe two other girls had to take their place those two girls were Naomi and Setareh. These two girls were put into the bottom because they did horrible in the challenge when they had to speak in Spanish. Yes, their Spanish has improved but its not where it should be compared to the other girls in the competition.

So the girls that were safe and eliminated had to vote on who should be put on the bottom two next to Karol and they made the choice of Naomi. Personally I think everyone already knew who was going to go home between Karol and Naomi. I feel that Naomi would have had a much better chance of being safe if she knew how to express herself in Spanish. That situation there should be a lesson learn to anyone in the Hispanic Culture. As a Latina being able to express yourself in Spanish is very important. So sadly the one going home was Naomi. Of course now this doesn't mean that Naomi is leaving the house. She will still be living in the house but on a different team with the other eliminated ones. She will be observing the girls and pin pointing out everything and anything she feels like. In other words revenge! As we all know girls can be very vicious and cant be trusted especially when their all their for the same reason!

So I ask you my viewers what do you think will happen during next week episode? All of the girls are already acting very catty and are going after one another. Is it a good idea having the ones that are eliminated still there? They can be jealous and just want to take them down one by one!

Well that's all I have for today loves I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this episode and keep following me as we get closer to crown!

Hasta el proximo tiempo los quiero a todos Besos!!

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